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Kinder Academy (EEP/ECDP/K Students)

Are you struggling to find quality AFTER-SCHOOL care for your Kindergartener or Child in Early Entry?  

The KINDER ACADEMY provides advanced learning opportunities and a fun atmosphere!! Our Kinder Academy is offered to children enrolled in Early Entry and Kindergarten programs. The Academy will offer your child a strong learning foundation and set them up for success in the classroom and community.

Once your child is finished morning class at their regular school they will enjoy an afternoon program with a focus on building social skills, promoting self confidence and supporting school learning objectives. The curriculum and learning activities will be individualized to meet the interests and learning styles of each student.

Classes are offered Monday to Friday from school dismissal or 12:00 to 3:30/ 4pm and will follow the yearly school schedule- extended pick up available to meet your schedule.

The program cost is $1000 per month. For more information please visit or contact our office at (587) 258-8332

This is a private program for early entry and kindergarten students and not affiliated with any public or catholic schools.