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 S A T U R P L A Y
Our SaturPLAY program is offered from 10:00AM - 1:00PM

It is a play-based social skills and independence building program. It focuses on social and emotional development(making friendships), sensory integration, fine and motor skill development and much more! Did we mention it revolves around the power of play and fun! Our events are the perfect opportunity to drop your children(22 months and up) off in a safe, licensed, learning centre and enjoy a couple hours to yourselves

++ Children do NOT need to be potty trained or current students of the school to attend. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND. 

Upcoming Events:
November 14th [10am-1pm] - Click here to Register
November 28th [10am-1pm] Click here to Register
December 19th [10am-1pm] Click here to Register

Credit Policy:
If your child(ren) can no longer attend an event you registered for you will need to notify us by email ( 72 hours in advance for a partial credit (50%). No refunds available. Credits will not be issued for “Limited Edition” events. All Early Start events have a minimum registration requirement and if that is not met a full credit will be issued. All credits will expire within 90 days of issue.

New Policy Effective January 2020