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September 2021 School Registration

Are you looking for small class sizes, amazing teachers and individualized learning? Join us this fall for our 2021/2022 preschool year. We have multiple programs for ages 22months to 4.5yrs. Potty training NOT required.

Find out what makes Early Start so special!

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Weekend Programs (Ages 22m+)

Give your child the skills to be successful at school, in the community and with peers. Early Start programs build social skills, emotional intelligence, self confidence and independence while playing, exploring and making friends...

Kid's Night Out [4:00-7:00pm]
SaturPLAY [10am-1:00pm]
SunPLAY [1:00pm-4:00pm]

**Stay tuned as our Weekend programs will start back up in the fall!

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Sunshine Academy

We are excited to offer our Preschool Programs ALL Summer with the Early Start Sunshine Academy! Set your child up for success at school this Fall. Early Start Learning Centre programs foster independence, build social skills and emotional intelligence all while having fun and making friends. Our class sizes are small, our curriculum is unique and our teachers are amazing!

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2020/2021 School Dates & closures

September 2020
Sept. 8/9 – 1st Day of Classes for MILESTONES PROGRAM
Sept. 14/15 – 1st Day of Classes for FOUNDATION & GRADUATES PROGRAMS

Oct. 12 – Thanksgiving (closed)
Oct. 29/30 – Halloween Celebrations

Nov. 11 – Remembrance Day (closed)

Dec. 17/18 – Christmas Celebrations
Dec. 21- Jan. 3 – Winter Break (closed)

January 2021
Jan. 4/5 – Classes Start

Feb. 11/12– Valentine’s Day Celebrations
Feb. 15 – Family Day (closed)

Mar. 16/17 – St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Apr. 2 – Good Friday (closed)
Apr. 5 – Easter Monday (closed)

May 6/7 – Mother’s Day Celebration
May 24 – Victoria Day (closed)

June 16/17 – Father’s Day Celebrations
June 18 – Last Day of Classes
Graduation Ceremonies - TBD

Early Start COVID Guidelines

 Things will look a little different as we work to keep everyone safe and run our programs within the health requirements. Some things to expect when attending a program at Early Start:
-you will be required to line up outside the school or wait in your vehicle at drop off and pickup times.
-only staff and program participants will be allowed to enter the school at this time.
-staff will be wearing masks at all times during programs.
-all participants will be required to have a temperature check and hands sanitized upon entry.
-other than essentials (snacks, extra clothing, diapering supplies...) No items from home will be permitted in school (blankets, toys etc.)
-parent days and open houses are suspended at this time. 
-a daily health waiver will be required before attending a class
-children showing signs of infection or sickness will be sent home
-refunds and credit will not be issued for any COVID related closures or missed classes due to sickness/ quarantine.