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Our School

Early Start Learning Centre is a Private Preschool offering licensed programs for children starting at age 22months to 4.5years.  Early Start is a positive alternative to traditional preschool programs. Our social emotional curriculum is unique to Early Start and focuses on building self esteem, developing character, fostering independence and creativity.  Our classes are designed around the developmental needs and individual interests of the children in our programs.  

Early Start is committed to providing a safe, engaging environment where children have opportunities to explore and learn, build positive relationships, and develop strong confidence and essential life skills that will set them up for success in the classroom and community.

"Early start is beyond amazing! My little guy started just after he turned two and in less than two months we have noticed such a change in him! He went from only being able/wanting to say one syllable at a time to speaking in short sentences, his social skills and independence have improved by leaps and bounds. Everyday he comes home and shows me new skills he learned and tells me the new words he learned! As a typical mamas boy he really struggled with drop off and being away from me. Early start was SO good about it, making sure to come over and say hello to him as soon as we arrived and hold his hand or snuggle him when I left. They even sent me pictures of him having fun on the days drop off was the worst just to ease my mind. High recommend all their programs!!!!" - Shannon

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