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"Early start is beyond amazing! My little guy started just after he turned two and in less than two months we have noticed such a change in him! He went from only being able/wanting to say one syllable at a time to speaking in short sentences, his social skills and independence have improved by leaps and bounds. Everyday he comes home and shows me new skills he learned and tells me the new words he learned! As a typical mamas boy he really struggled with drop off and being away from me. Early start was SO good about it, making sure to come over and say hello to him as soon as we arrived and hold his hand or snuggle him when I left. They even sent me pictures of him having fun on the days drop off was the worst just to ease my mind. High recommend all their programs!!!!" - Shannon Marie

"My daughter loves early start! She is always talking about all the things they did! Also, she asks to go almost everyday 😊 I have noticed her eye hand coordination improve, her social skills improve, and more recognition of her feelings 😊❤️ Thank you 😊" - Jennifer Moore

"we are so very happy to have our little boy in early learning centre!!he was too young for any other preschools and then we found this one!!Awesome curriculum and great environment with amazing teachers!!We love it!!" - Nush

"My stepdaughter started here in September 2016. What a difference this school has made! She's blossomed so much and her speech has improved so much as well. So thankful to everyone at Early Start for everything they do for our kids"
  - Susan Harty

"This school is so amazing ! My daughter is in EEP now, but she still talks about her teachers, friends and the fun things they did at school. She loved going there. It is fun and educational. They don't only teach the kids, but the parents too. They really know their stuff. They are so great to the community, with free days, hockey games and doing wonderful things for families in need. I would recommend them to anyone" - Tessa Viljoen-Hann

"Our little girl loves going to school. She loves telling us all about her day ! The staff and management are so awesome! Makes one feel much confident with leaving the little ones!!! Congrats on the new location, beautiful!" - Lynn LeBlanc

"Placed my son in Early Start in January 2018 and I have seen a tremendous change in him. His social skills have flourished and I'm always so happy to pick him up and see him engaging with others and happy. He always brings projects home and I love seeing it all. Staff is amazing and always goes beyond. Thank you for all your hard work Early Start, it shows!!!" - Crystal Blackmore

"We love Early Start!! My little boy started there September 2016 and it was a great decision. He loves going to school and has learned so much since being there! The teachers are amazing with the kids and he now has little friends he talks about all the time" - Nicole Rockwell

"Fantastic place! My daughter absolutely loves it here! The staff is so happy to have my daughter at such a wonderful place" - Shanda Nickle

"We are SO happy we count this center. My lil guy was not old enough for schools in the city but clearly ready for a school program. He is LOVING IT. Thanks" - Colleen Tatum

"By far the best group of people in Fort Mac. What an awesome program. We are blessed to have them here in our community." - Cathie Hightshoe

"Beyond happy with this program! Words cannot express how happy we are to have our child enrolled in this Preschool! Great environment and excellent teachers" - Karla Noelle

"Early start is an absolute must for any child, their small team is dedicated , caring and professional and will go above and beyond to see your child be successful.
It was an amazing experience" - Candice Gould

"All the good things I could say about early start would require a novel, they simply are just the most amazing group of women dedicated to helping your child grow! My daughter has been with them since 2022, completing milestones class and now foundations class, she will be off to big girl school in the fall. To say we will miss Early Start is an understatement but I am completely positive she will be ready to move on to this new chapter because of the work Ashley, Kim, Tara, Joy, Nancy, Say and Patty have all done. They have been my saving grace and have helped her grow and shine so bright that I will never be able to repay them. 

So thank you so much for everything you have done for our family! Thank you for caring for her, teaching her, and creating memories that will last a lifetime." - Samantha Gillingham

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